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Wisconsin Police May Win $5.8 Million Lawsuit With Gun Shop

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Wisconsin Police May Win $5.8 Million Lawsuit With Gun Shop

urors recently ordered Badger Guns to pay $5.8 million in restitution to Milwaukee Police officers. The officers, Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunish, were shot after a minor obtained a gun through a “straw buyer.” The officers’ lawyer stated that they expect years of appeals over the ruling.

Lives Forever Changed When Pedestrian Violation Goes Bad

When officers Norberg and Kunish stopped a young man for riding his bike down a sidewalk, they didn’t expect to be
shot in the face. Shortly after the officers tried to stop and converse with Julius Burton, back in 2009, a scuffle ensued and lead to an attempt to subdue the young man, he retaliated by shooting both officers.Cross_walk_sign


Norberg sustained damage to his face and shoulder. A bullet removed eight teeth from his lower jaw before lodging in his shoulder. While he remains on the force, his services are limited. Norberg’s job is more difficult than it would be before the injury.

Kunish had several bullets tear through his eye and brain; removing a part of his frontal lobe. Kunish retired and will never be able to work again, he needs care for the rest of his life.

The Gun used by Burton was purchased by a third party and sold to him for $40 in a type of illegal crime known as “Straw Buying.”

Badger Guns, “No. 1 Crime Gun Dealers in America”

b99595225z.1_20151012230729_000_gsdcu4n7.1-0Jurors ruled in favor of the police officers that the store Badger Guns sold in a case of gross negligence. Investigators backed up the claims, linking over 500 crime scenes with illegal guns purchased through Badger guns. The prosecutor alleges the store “knowingly engaged in” the type of illegal gun sales by ignoring the warning signs; the guns were purchased for a third-party buyer.

An unrelated case back in 2005 revealed Badger Guns failed to take necessary precautions to prevent “straw buyers”.

Store owner Adam Allen denied all allegations, believing he is not financially responsible for any crimes related to product sales. Currently, gun sales liability is protected under a gun law enacted before 2009.

Jurors Rule in Favor of Officers – The Store Was Negligent

Burton obtained the gun approximately a month before the incident from a man named Jacob Collins for $40. Collins bought the gun for Burton at Allen’s gun shop. These details showed a wilful negligence in sales that resulted in the crime.Jury_finds_Badger_Guns_negligent_in_sale_3556790000_25171242_ver1.0_640_480

Collins received a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to selling guns to minors. While Burton pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted homicide, receiving an 80-year sentence. The Jurors ordered Badger Guns to pay the officers over $5.8 Million in restitution, including $730,000 in punitive damages.

Badger Guns closed, but Allen recently opened Brew City Shooters Supply.

$100million Lawsuit Against Ship Sunk During Hurricane Joaquin

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A $100 million lawsuit has been taken by family members of a crew member, against a ship owner and the ship’s captain. The crew member was on a huge cargo ship. During Hurricane Joaquin, this ship sank.

First Lawsuit for El Faro Sinking

Lonnie Jordan is the crew member in question. He was on the El Faro and his family have brought a lawsuit against TOTE Services Inc., as well as TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, who are the owners of this cargo ship. A claim against Michael Davidson who is the captain of the ship has also been made.El-Faro

Willie E. Gary who is the attorney for the families involved stated that these families don’t understand why the incident occurred and are filled with grief. He went on to say that the owners of the El Faro were mainly interested in making profits rather than worrying about the health and safety of crew members, leading to the loss of their lives.

El Faro Sailed into Trouble

On September 29th, El Faro left Jacksonville and headed for Puerto Rico. However, it got into trouble and was caught up in Hurricane Joaquin a few days later. The last contact made with the ship occurred near the Crooked Islands when the crew reported that the ship was taking on water.

Hurricane Joaquin was a Category 4 Hurricane and winds were reaching speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. When search crews found the ship, they did not find any survivors.  All that remained was a body of a crew member, debris and a damaged lifeboat.151003-el-faro-cargo-ship-mn-1125_61bd06232a634e5981d3e1616c40b8e1.nbcnews-fp-1200-800

Failed Rescue Mission

1024x1024The rescue mission for crew members finished last week. The coast guard stated that the cargo ship sank on the same day they lost communication with the ship.

During the news conference for this incident, Lonnie Jordan’s family were at the conference. However, they did not say anything at this news conference.

A press release was issued. This included a statement from Lonnie Jordan’s mother questioning the reasons for sending Lonnie and other crew members into harm’s way. She went on the say that she could not believe a company could put profits before the well-being of its loyal crew members.

This is the initial lawsuit being brought for this incident. The allegations are against TOTE Maritime and Davidson screenshot_2015-10-04_at_11who failed to take into account crew safety by sailing an old ship in severe weather conditions.

TOTE’s Michael Hanson said the company would not speak about individual cases related to this accident. He went on to say TOTE would help the families of those involved.

Despite this the lawsuit will continue and focus on why an old ship was used on this particular voyage. The lawsuit has come to the attention of the National Transportation Safety Board. So far they have no involvement in the case, but have investigators who will stay in Jacksonville and give an update later.

My Rights Are Violated

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My Rights Are Violated

If you think that your civil rights are violated, and you don’t know what to do, you may find some helpful information in the following article.

What are civil rights

Civil rights is a term that covers a broad range of subjects. For layperson, the best understanding is this: a civil right is a privilege or interest that has been established as a matter of law or custom and generally applies to most know-your-rightsindividuals as a matter of citizenship or residence in the United States as a country or in the state where you live. Consider “the right to vote”: This right in the United States is conditioned on age and citizenship. The right to vote generally applies to any person age 18 or older who is a lawful citizen of the United States. Legal restrictions or limitations on the right of vote may exist depending upon the state where you live; on whether you have been convicted of certain types of criminal conduct; or whether you have been determined to be mentally disordered or mentally incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction. There are a range of civil rights under federal law. Some states have broader protections.

How to determine if your civil rights are violated

Under federal law, civil rights issues are a particular charge of the United States Civil Rights Commission and the eeocCivil Rights Division within the United States Department of Justice. The Attorney General of the United States is the principal administrator and enforcer of federal civil rights law. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC, enforces civil rights in the employment area. Almost all federal agencies have a civil rights enforcement unit. In many states, a person may contact the federal civil rights enforcement agency and have a claim for state civil rights violations handled by the same agency. But increasingly the protection of federal civil rights issues is handled by state civil rights enforcement agencies. The Justice Department has joined a lawsuit against disgraced cyclist lance armstrong whistleblower concealed his use of  drugs.

How do state civil rights enforcement agencies work

Documentary - The Rise and Fall of the Civil Rights

Almost all states have their own version of a civil right commission and civil rights enforcement agencies. You should check out the website for this agency for your own state. These websites can be very informative about your rights and remedies under state and federal law. In California for example, the state’s civil rights enforcement agency is the Fair Employment and Housing Commission and the state agency that handles civil rights violations investigations is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. DFEH handles complaints, investigates discrimination claims and can offer mediation as a resolution to certain types of problems. In more serious cases, DFEH can file an administrative complaint, conduct an administrative hearing on a civil rights violation and recommend that the FEHC (the Commission) order the payment of fines or the taking of specfic actions to remedy the civil rights violation.Human-rights-abuses

Your local community (city, town or county) may have a community-based civil rights education and enforcement organization that focuses on education and resolutions that do not involve going to court. Feel free to seek for help, because none of us is made to do everything alone, perhaps, sometimes you need the friendly hand to help you get over issues.


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